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    Heroes are praised, villains are not.Why?
    Because they are condemned. Let's narrow it down to smaller aspects, good and bad folks. We are well versed with both types but feed our complex minds with the good deeds of a good man. Perhaps everyone wants to be a good person, then why the world is still like this? Now here comes the magnificent role of the villains. They were just like the good guys but something or the other changed them. The real thing with villains are that they have found the other way out to do good and they are even smarter than the superheroes. They try to do their job in a different way to bring a greater effect on the people. Villains are similar to the night sky, neither the stars nor the moon, jusr the dark sky. We might have seen the dark sky without moon and stars because they can hide behind the clouds but darkness doesn't. But surprisingly it would be weird if the stars or the moon is without the dark sky which signifies the significance of iniquity in our lives.

    The most beautiful eyes have wept the most and the worst person was kindest before.