• soulsreflection 9w

    Happy Children's Day to the child within us ❤️

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    Careless giggles and wide smile
    are an ingredient to be a child,
    living in present, laughing and crying
    are the sounds of a child,
    queries go by without a reply
    are the curiosities of a child,

    as the life moves on
    an adult is born,
    strings of rules tell what to do
    when to smile and when to sigh
    a box holds the words to define
    who are you....

    break free the strings
    and let the child in you live
    don't hide within
    laugh aloud with arms open wide
    tell yourself I am still a child
    I can rise I can fall I can fail I can pass
    I am a child of God born to live
    without to do laws !!