• vagisha_ 9w

    Through the broken door edges
    A Flash of light is seen
    Its morning and sun is rising
    I couldn't see only feel.
    The cool breeze and natures voice
    With birds chirping and pleasant smell
    I couldn't see it only feel inside
    I wish I would have been the tiniest
    So that through edges
    I could see and feel the morning
    I thought not to wake up early
    But I think morning wants me
    To praise its beauty!!
    It is so soothing
    It's the morning and night together
    As if two poles are coming together
    There is calmness of the night
    And natures singing in the morning
    I could not see,
    Only feel this inside
    Slowly by slowly, the sun is rising high
    Morning is taking over and night is falling behind
    Again I will wait for the time
    When morning and night
    Will be felt by my eyes!!