• mmitra_writes 5w

    || A little bit of Love and Care ||

    A little bit of love and care
    That she wanted from us.
    In return
    What we gave?
    Destruction and cutting down big trees and plants.

    Mother nature
    Was sad since then
    Sorrows of her were evident
    By the fact that
    When in place of big trees
    Small plants were planted
    They all dried up sooner
    Within a few days.

    Everyone prayed
    So that plants could grow
    Because all understood
    By then
    They need to care for nature, as well
    Since it always cares for us and them
    But if it is sad, somehow,
    Then we all will be in danger
    Because without the blessings of Mother Nature
    We are nothing, at all.
    Therefore, we need to love and care
    Our Mother Nature
    As she need nothing
    Only a little bit of love and care f
    From us
    That's all...