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    Hey People! I Am Sincerely Sorry Lately I Havent Been Posting, Been Busy With School, Personal Matter. I'll Try To Post More So You Guys Have Something To Read On My Account!

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    I'll Hide It

    "You Wouldn't Believe What Chloe Did I Am So Excited" Luke Said. I Replied "Chloe? The Girl You Have A Crush On? What Happened". "She Asked Me If I Wanted To Go To The Movies With Her. As A Date." He Said. I Said "Great For You! Why Dont You Tell Your Best Friends. They Would Want To Know." He Runs Off Towards His Friend Groups.
    You Walk Home After School, As You Walk In You Collapse And Start Crying. You Said "I Should Have Known I Was His Type, I've Been Crushing On Him Through Middle School To Highschool. Its Been 7 Years And I Cant Seen To Let Him Go... But Im Not Gonna Let Me Feelings Get In His Happiness. I'll Hide It For You.... So You Can Be Happy.