• theunfoldiary 5w

    It has a Blue Sunny Sky,
    In Summer, I felt like Dry,

    From 39 to 45, I Saw Fighters in Pain,
    In Rain, All the knowledge felt like Vain,

    Don't live in the Moment took Always Stress,
    In Autumn, Gradually You became Trash,

    Thoughts Of love tightly Hold Me,
    In Pre-Winter, You Poem Of Love Told Me,

    Still a Hope, Inside the Soul Silently beats Heart,
    In Winter, they Get Close making Love A Art,

    Once, I Saw a Queen & a King,
    In Spring, They married with Ring !

    I'm a Tree Of Time,
    Who Always Chime,

    Tell Me How Was that Rhyme... ?

    © C. Suryanarayan | IG - @mrscientis_

    Picture Credit :- Photographer Aaron Burden

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    The Tree

    Dec 12, 2020 / 17:41