• xii_ii_mmx 20w


    It starts little by little, every piece adding to the one before, vaguely yet profoundly, the aura around me summons my past and oozes it in the atmosphere surrounding me .
    i feel numb yet subtle, unconscious yet awake.
    The universal truth of can’t having those halcyon days back brings misery to my mind, my heart palpitates.
    I often get this feeling rather go through this phase of feeling my feelings when, suddenly, i stand in my present but something triggers me to nostalgia.
    This ambiguous behaviour of mind is something i cant control, i cant get rid of.
    Living those days as memories brings immense skips to my heart and all in that moment i feel unwell, tears start convening over my lids waiting for a go to flow in streams down my cheeks.
    However, i try to juggle up my emotions and try to bring stability right away but still there are things which I wish could come back to me once again l.