• thrags 10w

    Today is the Day I Die

    Today is the day I die
    Left for dead, at dead of night
    Truck stop ride, then dropped roadside
    Four lanes wide, now walking as I cry
    Asked god why, just give me wings I'll fly
    Bashful, and I'm shy, no one would pick up a guy.
    Still was gonna try, so I  held my thumb up high
    Cars flew right by, as they laughed waving goodbye
    Long winded sigh, before deciding to retry
    One second bone dry, next a monsoon from the sky
    Wonder what did it signify, as the rain intensified
    Couldn't believe my eyes, when a car stopped with a slide
    A Rabi and a man sporting a spotted neck tie
    Said that I could hop inside, then shifted into drive.
    Little did I know how quickly things would go awry
    They didn't care to specify, they didn't clarify
    Behind me peoccupied, was a man wielding a knife.
    Grabbed me by the neck and told me to comply
    Completely horrified when I saw the bloodlust in their eyes.
    It was three against I, in no position to defy
    Bound my hands with zip ties as they talked of alibis
    Made a turn nearby, road I couldnt identify
    They then pry me out the car said it was time to purify
    Told me to abide in exchange I'd keep my life
    In an attempt to pacify, all my urges nullified
    Entered a modified house, it was heavily fortified
    Completely terrified when my suspicions were verified
    Number of people had multiplied, all so satisfied
    All here to glorify, i, the ritual sacrifice
    Hoping they would be deified, not knowing they would be denied.
    My plan was then solidified, "I'll run before crucified
    Get far away then hide, notify the FBI and then I'll testify"
    Then i let out battle cry, turned to run, stabbed in the thigh
    Fell to the ground petrified,  25 times siliced till no longer alive
    I wondered why while my soul arises and watched my body ossify
    This indeed is how I died, by means of homicide