• amalendu 10w


    She left her imprints
    somewhere in the cloud
    For me to gather
    at my own solitude

    Apart from words,
    there were images
    and links to songs
    she wished me to listen

    Why is that she thought
    I will understand the songs and the meaning embedded in those words
    Go beyond semantic
    embrace her emotions
    and reciprocate

    It happens
    we repeat this again and again

    Is not it strange, so what I thought
    and told her.
    She says, "you know
    when you love someone you don't need words.
    Words are not means of communication any more.
    They take forms, shape and size to give wings to our imagination."

    Why is that she makes everything simple for me
    And see, how am I entangled in these words and their meanings.

    I hug her
    I thank her, silently
    Kissing on her deep eyes
    I pronounce my love for her
    And repeat "true things are essentially ordinary
    ordinary is blissful"