• iamnona 6w

    First time I saw you with a frown on my face,
    never thought I could also smile by your grace.
    It all started this way, I thought it would last forever,
    but I was too dumb and you were very clever.

    We were like two sides of a coin,
    maybe our destiny made our heart to join.
    Had already suffered by putting others above,
    so how could I make my heart believe that it was love?

    At that time I needed an understanding friend,
    but who knew that the growing feelings could take it to the end.
    Don't know whether your intentions were pure or not,
    as the time went, I started falling for you a lot.

    We know the value of success, had different paths to choose,
    you got what you wished for, nothing did you lose.
    Had always been there to cheer you up,
    maybe the affection I had for you could have stopped.

    Being stucked again in the same spot,
    scratching the wounds from past I fought.
    Will keep fighting to survive till my last,
    now you are just someone I knew from past.