• untoldpieces 11w

    The last call

    I didn't know that was the last one,
    I can no longer hear that ringtone,
    I keep looking at my phone,
    But you are long gone,
    I didn't know that was the last we spoke,
    You the world, My heart broke,
    Even the god wasn't in our favour,
    I was gifted to get love's true flavour,
    I am happy you didn't suffer more,
    I will be missing your taunts and your roar,
    Memories are made to be cherished,
    You are also just a memory,
    I still can't accept you perished,
    Nowhere to go,
    No time to be sorrow,
    I have written this small one for you,
    But you aren't with me to read this,
    But lastly, We won,
    Our love was and is true