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    Side characters are always so interesting.


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    Side character

    Here, I am wondering about you again
    A measly side character in a book who is
    Neither a protagonist who finishes the game
    Nor a villain possessing immense wits.
    What are you exactly?
    That you make me think
    If Titanic was my life,
    It would be my pride
    That I'd let it sink?
    As weird as your appearance is in this story,
    a shadow of a unnecessary redundant character
    But I grew to like the contrast
    Not because of the law of the sciences.
    You and me, two characters with no connection
    Impacting the scene in our own way,
    No validation required, wishing no accolades
    Just hovering like an overcast sky
    But open for people to judge us-
    a curse or a blessing
    as they like!