• smartsam 6w

    Believe Me !

    The world is oust when
    on bed I lay.
    Welcome to my own world.
    And listen to what I say!

    Fast and greedy world
    gathered all around.
    But when I go to sleep
    I care for not even a sound!

    On bed the bedsheet I pull.
    Cotton in summer in winter it's wool.

    I relax, loose clothes and loose my hairs.
    Alone I lay down yet
    and not as a pair!

    The light goes dim
    darkness befriends.
    When lay on the bed
    I hope all problems end.

    In my own world I come
    and breathe deep and relax.
    I measure how terrible problems today in world me taxed.

    The weather goes cool
    and little or no more sounds.
    Randomly for any reason
    I keep changing sides round!

    When it's late night
    I know nothing at all.
    The time then starts
    biology to work in me all.

    Heartbeats go little low
    Breathe is fair and constant.
    All the problems worries and world
    For these few hours go distant.

    I work all day and only wait for avoid night sleep.
    A time unique of my own
    When I ponder in deep.

    I think all alone
    it goes subconscious.
    Sometimes I dream
    and by God these dreams are sponsored!!

    Believe me!