• chaaru 23w

    Aphro: I’m not asking you for anything more than what you
    already are giving me, December you’ve been giving
    me these feelings that I never knew could exist in me.
    None of these girls here can ever give them to me
    and I keep thinking about it. You’ve been haunting
    me, December. And I don’t know why. Remember
    we had a fight over something silly and you did not
    text for almost 15 days? That was when I tried to
    figure out something that was missing in my life.
    Guess what… I found out it was you. Just your texts,
    your meanings, your wonders and your thoughts had
    created an intense pining inside me, Summer. I’ve
    never been this kind of a guy and I thought I never
    could be. Those fifteen days without you was when
    things dawned on me.
    Sum: Listen, Aphro. This doesn’t make any sense. I mean,
    it is impractical someone to fall in love with a random
    person through the internet. I’ve heard these in some
    unrealistic movies and stories. But I don’t know if it
    even exists in real world. I think you need to calm
    your emotions and think about it, Aphro.