• devanshukashyap 5w

    What is rightfully your powerhouse, never gets tarnished.

    With no clarity about myself and any truth of this world
    I grew up as a sponge, understanding things from surroundings,
    While, also being restrained to not change myself where my heart could really not compromise.

    The skirmish of what heart wanted and what the sponge was absorbing,
    made me confused, indecisive and left me procrastinated in exhaustion of no clarity.
    I appeared to others as lousy, lazy and lacking life, ineligible to partake what my peers partook at that age.

    It was impossible to grow with buried desires.
    What was my fault? Being born in geography contrasted to me?
    I went to a land miles apart. Felt harmony for a while, and the same skirmish arose again.

    It was impossible to grow with the feeling of not feeling one with others.
    What was my fault? Landing up with belief systems contrasted to me?
    I went to look for people who believed the way I believed. Felt harmony for a while, but unexpected differences arose.

    It was impossible to adjust with intentions not harmonized with my own ,that I never knew and wasn't clearly aware of.
    What was my fault? Not knowing that beliefs and purposes need to be in alignment?
    I filtered from people whom I believed in, those, who had purposes like me.
    Felt in unison and joy with them, but alas, they kept parting away with time.

    In aloneness, I felt the same, when I was a child, as an absorber, as a sponge.
    I felt I am back to ground zero. I felt it is what is called being trapped in cycle.
    Pushing myself for the last time, I asked again, "What was my fault"?

    The catharsis was at its death.
    The wall inside me broke.
    There was a gush of easy vital breaths.
    In floods of beams, I was soaked

    The outer world while I journeyed
    Were mirrors of breaths and light within, that time.
    And now, when, the walls and impediments are fallen and broken
    There is light inside out this time.

    No matter how I am treated now
    I'm awarded by the world within
    No matter if I'm mocked or forsaken now
    There is a profound stage for me within

    Inspite of being on a planet
    Where there is day and night
    I am now in touch with a star within
    Always shining brilliantly bright.