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    By Ally_18

    Oh YashodaNandan, Radhikapriya!
    You're the glory of all pride,
    Manager of all the divines,
    And the Superman of all mankind,
    You're incomplete with the crowd of words
    And fuller in the sigh when your single name is rehearsed,
    You seem diamond among all child inspite of carrying the same highlight(body).
    Where planets becomes your toys,
    Galaxy as the islands to wander through mind, Sky as your clothes and Cosmos as the mirror to set your infinite body into our precised mind,
    For you are indefinite and has no shape,
    You became a child, you called as Purushottam,
    You carried a shape just to rectify our silly pride.
    I owe you Bhagwaan!
    Jai ShrimanNarayan! Jai ShriHari!������

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    I owe you Bhagwaan