• yellowyy 49w

    There are  lot more sadness in life more than happiness. Life is unfair after all. There are others who suffer more than another. There are others who rejoice more than another. It is imbalance, but that mainly happens because of our choices.
    Just imagine the rain, it comes unexpectedly. Sometimes we welcome it, sometimes we curse it. But what is wonderful after a rain is a rainbow. A promise of hope and happiness from God. Just like us, we should welcome trials in our lives because they have a purpose for tomorrow. We mostly curse life & God when trials come. We might not know the purpose of these trials because they are not suppose to show their purpose right away but in the future. That way, it'll test our patience if we are willing to wait for our rainbows. ��
    Our rainbows will come. We just have to welcome the rain. Don't worry if it hurts, or it's lonesome or sad,because that'll turn into our strength and lesson for the future. For us to be a lot happier when our rainbow comes along.

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