• boxedboy_1991 31w


    She came kissed and touched my life
    She came a blow of cool chilling breeze
    The nights appeared shorter
    For me to listen to her

    She played along she laughed a lot
    Her presence was the essence of heaven
    She stayed as a nimble touch
    On the withered life of mine

    I was lost I was scared
    I didn't have any idea where I would go
    Neither I had a little bit of faith on me
    She is the last straw that I cling too

    She is the breathe I breathe in
    She is the elixir that runs my heart
    She is the pulse that beats lub dub
    She is the smile that gives me a pop

    She is the world that I wish to stay in
    She is the music I wish to sing
    She is the path I wish to travel
    She is the death I wish to embrace.