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    t w o // 11:01

    There were six members of The City At 11:01.
    Now, there are five.

    Park Jaein, the oldest, after Seongho passed. He's the leader, rapper, dancer, and Joongwoo's closest friend, the person he resorts to for all of his problems.

    Choi Seongho.
    Former member of 11:01, although you'd never hear that coming from them.
    He was a vocalist and the eldest of the six of them, before he passed.
    They don't talk about him much.

    Jeong Hanseungㅡa seemingly cold, blunt man on the outside (his stage name, Silver, was chosen to represent that), when in reality, he's a giant softie. He only lets his vulnerable side show for his fans, or on the members' birthdays and anniversaries. He's closest with Jihyung, one of the younger members. He's a rapper and the third oldest.

    Kim Hyun Woo.
    Or, on stage, Will.
    This is the guy Joongwoo is catching feelings for (unfortunately?). He's the best-looking, and they all agree on that. He's the only one that can speak fluent English, although they all try, and he is also one of the vocalists. He's the fourth oldest, or third youngest. He and Jihyung are the two happy viruses out of the six of them.
    Joongwoo enjoys sitting by the door of his studio from time to time, listening to him sing.

    Yoon Jihyung, one of the two happy viruses, and one of the three vocalists, he is probably the most responsible out of the six of them. Although he's the second youngest, he takes care of all of the members; he's the only one that can be trusted in the kitchen without burning anything and everything. He's the best dancer in the group, and helps the others practice.

    And finally, Joongwoo, the youngest of the group, one of the three rappers, and the most stubborn. At first, since he was the "baby" of the six, they all cared for him and gave him extra cash and bought him desserts whenever he asked for it. Now, a few years later, all the elders told him he had to listen to them; after all, they're older, they know better.
    He was tired of being kicked out of the kitchen for getting in Jihyung's way, and being bothersome to Hanseung, and being too obnoxious for Jaein, and being told that he was useless by Seonghoㅡ
    The dead one.
    They don't talk about him much.
    They don't talk bad about him at all.
    Joongwoo had a habit of doing that, though.
    There weren't many good memories he'd had with Seongho, and the bad ones were much easier to recall.
    Joongwoo, the baby of the group, the one with sparkling blue eyes, the one with the deepest voice, and the one whose heart belonged to Hyun Woo.