• thehiddenlove 10w

    Love story 7

    Me and him sit silently at our home. Nowadays we both are fighting more and love less, complaining more and understand less, expect more and give less, shout more and care less.
    On my mind I try to apologise him for every moment where I could say, “It’s fine, just let it be” but somehow my tongue couldn’t form a single word to him. Probably he’s thinking the same.
    I know we deep down we love each other more than one can imagine.
    Today is the day where I need to break down all the obstacles of our relationship and find our true selves.
    I just touch his hand and his chains of thoughts break. He is looking into my eyes and I look into his. Every emotions are radiate from eyes. Love, pain, hurt, anger and so many...
    Simply I say, “I am sorry for all those times where I don’t understand what exactly you are feeling and expect that you understand me without saying. Expecting you will read my eyes, when you have so much in your bucket, in your job lots of things are happening which I am not even aware of and how you’re handling it, it is beyond my imagination. I know sometimes I seek for your attention and then everything I messed up.”
    He silently listens without saying anything to me. I curled up on his shoulder and cry. He lets me cry and after few moments he says, “I should have said sorry to you before so that our heart is still happy hearts. A happy heart is now become pain one, who only cause pain to us. Sometimes it just we let our anger on each other without any notice. But thank you today you have shown courage to break our barriers but after all these happen, we require more time to think, how one can avoid such situations? Our egos should not be take control over our love and breaks apart. Let’s promise to each other that every day we say one good thing that we do in day. Let’s not forget to appreciate every lil thing.” I cuddle more and sleep.