• clifton 35w


    Sand has formed,
    Within my eyes,
    A tiredness,
    I cannot disguise,
    Broken sleep,
    Disturbing dreams,
    My resolve,
    Falling apart at the seams.
    Clouds have settled,
    In my mind,
    Normality left,
    So far behind,
    I cannot lift,
    My sluggish mood,
    Or muster,
    Inward gratitude.
    Thoughts are set,
    To make a change,
    To never feel,
    This way again,
    Stumbling stalwart,
    Shall be gone,
    Another here,
    Will soldier on,
    Strong black coffee,
    To my lips,
    Away with sloth,
    Being like this.
    Arise and shine,
    No stopping me,
    I am made,
    Of energy.