• astha04 22w

    He says why won't you tell me how you feel
    And I want to scream all the pink poetry
    Bubbling champagne inside my heart
    Or maybe just a drop of honey for him to taste
    The oceans of sweet painful love I hide inside my chest
    But I don't how how to explain it to him
    That my spine is the track of tomorrow's train wreck
    And it anchors my tongue so tight
    That it can't unwind on its own
    But he's waiting for me to speak up
    So I use the blade hidden by the teeth
    To free my tongue from the reins
    Of the demon in my brain feeding on my soul
    And so when I open my mouth finally
    The honey has turned blood red or black tar
    Unscrambled mumbling words that sound
    More like "Run for your life" which translates to "Please don't leave"
    Always "I hate you" which most definitely means "I love you"
    If only he had enough hours to attend the class
    Of this dark twisty foreign language
    That I've done masters in, may be then
    He could have decoded but it's too late
    The premature scripts to the love song
    Has already been translated to a tragedy
    He's thrown miles away by the earthquake
    And I stand here in the aftermath
    Collecting the pieces of our bodies
    From under the wreckage of our castle