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    I dare to lay eyes on what says a miracle she tries to posses
    But im no miracle
    Im merely a witness to have been seen
    You and i hear your cries echoing in the distance
    For another i dont want to take away your pains
    Your morals
    I want you to cry and feel as if i were going to die
    Because i know that you wouldnt but when you cried him out of your demoralizing nightmares
    Then I'd be there and maybe i will share a miracle with you
    And put you back with touches of my back as if sprinkles of glitter rained on you
    But this rain sticks with you and washes the old away
    Scattering it to the sours of the ocean
    Depth and gone forever
    And i can be yours forever
    Why dont you heal my scars with the shadows of your darkness and weakness
    Weekends which we will reflect on the miracles we accomplished together
    Sprinkle a dazzle of magic and lets dance together but miracles are yet to be made

    So this is a write up, well an amazing writer @poetrydelivery commemted on my post
    differently i didnt expect and i turned it into a write up, well forgive me if its not enough for your liking but i tried and i did add bits here and there hope you like it buddy

    #heal by @writersnetwork

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    I dare to lay eyes on what says miracle she tries to posses