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    Captain Anil looked at his wife, sleeping peacefully and sighed. He didn't know why he fell so madly in love with her. Perhaps it was the fact that she was head-over-heels in love with him. She had always pushed people away, never made an effort to maintain contact. How wonderful it was, he mused, to be loved by someone who hated everyone. Perhaps that was what attracted him in the first place...

    Kabir paced up and down. He was worried. Dating Tina had proved to be heavy. She dominated him like hell. Plus, it had cost him...no, he wouldn't think of what he had lost...it had been too precious...no, he hadn't deserved it...it had been too beautiful for him...funny, he mused, how the one less deserving never realised what a gem was in its hands...He sighed.
    "I feel useless. I feel a worm," he muttered. "I am not strong enough to stand up to anyone. Here I am, bullied like hell..."
    He sat down in an armchair. His tired head plopped down in his arms. He was asleep...


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    Murder:How Far Would One Go?

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    Part 3