• jamareeraymoore_poetry 6w

    Untitled, Part 6

    "This is that one when your sitting down by yourself outside in deep thought when it's night Outside,
    Or when you're solo and going on that long car Ride,
    All the thoughts hitting you all at the same time from different Angles,
    The oxygen in your body being cut off because that grip is so tough as it Strangles,
    Trying to remain calm as you tell yourself that this is only Temporary,
    Not realizing on how much power those evil spirits tend to Carry,
    The mind wants to be positive but the soul just won't let that plan come to Fruition,
    Tough roads are ahead but you've made it your duty to complete this Mission,
    Climbing and digging yourself up from the deep depths of Hell,
    Letting out those loud screams but nobody can hear you when you Yell,
    But you keep working and picking at it as you've made it back from the Pain,
    Thinking you've won and succeeded but your still in the same spot being left in the pouring Rain ..."