• hanste_zakhm 10w

    D half burnt of me
    Will leave d ashes on d floor
    Uh will want me,will crave for d more
    Every puff,Every Bluff,Every word,Every line
    Uh will remember,will remember
    But won't be able to Rewind D Time
    Listen Uh won't get something like me again
    I'll make uh remember me in every Rum nd Rain
    Uh will look for me in every passer-by
    Uh didn't done right uh won't be able to deny
    I always took care of uh
    But uh played with my feelings,so well
    Maybe uh will be happy in ur life..
    But even though my name will be enough..
    to make uh..Emotional as helll
    No,I'm not cursing uh..
    I've just thrown uh out of my heart
    I've burnt all d feelings
    And ve teared us apart..just like uh did wid my trust on you
    I never seeked revenge,
    but i never wanna see ur face
    Remember i'll be that constant Regret
    I'll be d unforgettable,Just like D last cigarette