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    My charpoi would accompany me
    to the mango orchard
    back in my yard.
    I would sleep silently with my novels
    in those balmy summer.
    Bracing the breeze,
    amazed being pleased
    used to play cards with mates most afternoons.

    My charpoi would accompany me
    up to the open terrace
    in starfull nights
    with a cool sheet, a cotton cushioned pillow
    my Murphy Radio.
    I used to listen to the numbers oldie
    till it was late
    and set gossips with mates most nights unlit.

    My charpoi would accompany me
    day and night
    when I was young
    for a happy nap, and in deep dream.
    It used to be a mate intimate long time.
    I have cot ivory
    velvet sheet, pillows tranquil
    but a space is still vacant in my
    luxurious flat for that charpoi,
    which would accompany me in grey and green.

    20th September, 2020

    Image credit to the rightful owner.
    Special thanks to Google bhaisa'ab for additional information.

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    "four conical legs with four crosspieces of wood on which braids of silk or cotton are woven. When one lies down on it, there is no need for anything to make it pliable, for it is pliable of itself."

    -Ibn Battuta, a Muslim Berber Moroccan scholar and explorer who widely travelled the medieval world.