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    Women Empowerment???

    Women Empowerment. A very sensitive yet important topic to talk about. What is women empowerment?? Women get equal opportunities, they become self dependent, they become secure. Overall we say that women become successful.
    But what is the definition of success that we have created?? Only when a woman does masculine things with a potential equal to any other man or better, then the society calls her successful. The question is, IS THAT FAIR?
    Are we doing justice to the feminine? Read that again, FEMININE, not female. We have created an utterly nonsensical definition of success and the sad part is that women are falling prey to it.
    As a result, we see, all the feminine aspects are getting slowly and slowly diminished. Love, care, empathy, compassion, syncing with nature, everything!
    The whole Feminism program is doing nothing but creating women whose mindset is masculine. And also, men whose masculinity is on rise.
    This must go. The world needs to be more feminine for the betterment of the nature, this planet and all the species on this planet.
    I am not saying that masculinity shouldn't be there, but it should surely not dominate the human minds for the benefit of all.