• aletheia_99 6w


    You were a rebel in a blue t-shirt,

    I was a dreamer in ripped jeans.

    I could hear Taylor's voice,

    Booming out the speaker box.

    Givin' me hope that this could be,

    The start of a beautiful story.


    Darling I had so many hopes,

    So many dreams.

    Oh, child don't get ahead of yourself.

    I wish somebody had told me,

    I wish somebody had warned me.

    You should've worn a warning sign,

    Instead of a faded Superman tee.

    I, I, I,

    I thought you were my hero,

    My teenage knight,

    In sneakers and baggy jeans.

    Oh, stupid girl.

    At sixteen I adored you,

    My best friend.

    I was so good to you,

    I would've done anything for you.

    Oh, stupid girl.

    I was loyal to you,

    Even when you treated me,

    Like your favorite punching bag.

    I, I, I

    I took it all.

    All your bipolar BS.

    And for what?

    For you to break my heart.

    (Over text)

    You're insensitive,

    You're cruel,

    You're a first class dick,

    You're a user,

    You're an emotional manipulator,

    You're an emotional abuser,

    I hate you for making me cry.

    (In person)

    You're kind,

    You're protective,

    You're my defender,

    You're supportive,

    You make me laugh,

    When I'm 'bout to cry,

    You're there when I need you,

    I love you for sitting with me,

    When I'm vulnerable.

    It's like you're two different people,

    I know something's gotta give.


    But I never saw this comin',

    I thought we'd work it out.

    I thought we'd be best friends until the end of time.

    Oh, but maybe I should've known.

    Should've seen that in the end,

    You'd let me go.

    I guess I should've known,

    I'd be the one to fall.

    Now I'm sitting on my bed,

    Starin' at my phone,

    Hoping I read the words wrong.

    Praying it's not true,

    But it is,

    It was.

    You said,

    "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you."

    Like it means anything.

    Like "sorry" can fix a broken heart.

    Maybe you were,

    Maybe you weren't.


    Did you know?

    You tore my heart out that night.


    Stupid girl.

    Never saw it comin',

    Never thought I'd see the ending.

    But it's here now,

    The sky's fallin' down,

    Stars crashing in the ocean,

    My rose tinted glasses are broken.

    And we will never be the same.

    Ooh, ooh, ooh,

    Ooh, ooh, ooh,