• solicitor 5w


    Prayers will take you there
    And will reveal a joyful face
    Prayers will lead you anywhere
    And conquer everything by grace

    When trouble hits you so bad
    And the future is uncertain
    When Love you have makes you sad
    And friends leave you in pain

    When the world is against you
    And the road ahead is too long
    When the dreams don't come true
    And you feel you are not strong

    Don't worry about the thing
    God is watching you from a distance
    He is our almighty king
    Just say your prayers in silence

    Our Almighty God knows our tomorrow
    When we are in the dark, he is our light
    So let’s forget about our sorrows
    Almighty is he and alone he is right

    Don't be afraid God is our hero
    And he is above all
    He can lift you up from zero
    He is there to catch you when you fall