• glamarie 9w

    The day that I saw you

    The day i saw you
    Must have been fate
    You were an unexpected visitor
    And finally, I no longer had to wait

    For a yearning love
    Had found its path
    My soul found its twin,
    When it looked into your heart

    Your tender voice soothed my wounds
    Your smile filled me with glee
    You knew my thoughts and I yours
    Between us there was telepathy

    My heart felt a peace unknown
    My mind was as calm as a dawning sky
    Like the dozy waves at daybreak
    You lit the way to my heart with the light of a thousand fireflies

    I had lost my joy and my hope,
    Of finding a love so true
    But my heart began to heal
    The day that I saw you.

    For my Yohan
    I love you