• gold__illusionist360 9w

    From The Cradle To The Grave

    Under the water I wait, sinking my masses into the sulks for a bait for the oceans & seas in my fountainhead to form a strait as I meditate to replenish my dauntless adrifted trait. Spare me the pity of my symphony of destruction that is being played for my sympathy for vengeance as my bloodshot eyes gyrate an infinite eight for the tandava to be set ablaze. Comatosed by tripping over the highs of purple haze, have my soul be appraised to remove the blurry feeling of being malaised as my skin gets grazed. Cradle me till I'm rocked to rave, finding a new genesis before I waive as I'm handed an unearthly purpose for a fresh breath to resurface out from my own grave.