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    You complete me

    When the world in front is blurred,
    You enlighten it.
    When the colours around looks worthless,
    You brighten 'em.
    When people look faceless,
    You clearify it.
    You rectify me,
    You limit my flaw,
    You suffice my visuality.

    Society may see you
    As a weakness,
    As a liability,
    As an obstruction to beauty,
    But you beautify me,
    You cherish me.

    Sometimes, I think
    How would my world look
    Without you!
    I get scared.

    Though you don't breathe,
    You don't say,
    You don't feel,
    But I feel for you.

    For protecting me,
    My eyes,
    For giving me vision,
    For filtering the scenic beauty.

    I love you my dear Specs,
    I will never leave you alone
    Till my last breath
    Because you complete me.

    -your owner


    Don't you feel that some non- living stuffs play such crucial role in our life that we can't imagine a world without them. Yeah... I feel for my specs. ��
    At the age of 11, when doctor prescribed me,��
    I was sad, mommy banned TV, papa fed spinach��
    But specs were destined to be with me.
    Thus, now a pair of specs- my soulmate. ❤️
    Beauty? ��
    They say, "specs ruin the beauty of your eyes".
    Infact they beautify my eyes by giving them vision.��
    No liners, no mascaras are above it.��
    And I never want to get them off. ��

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    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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