• writingham 30w

    Wabi Sabi

    My nosey friend once set up a blind date for me at a high end restaurant.

    After 4 failed relationships with people I thought I knew like the back of my hand, a blind date was the last thing I was looking for.

    But I went nevertheless. I suited up and styled my hair slick.

    She was there before me and was sitting in a purple dress with wind blown hair.

    She looked at me and got up.

    “You look perfect” she said and I gleamed.

    “So perfect that it's hideous” she said.

    The girl was a psychopath. It was evident.

    “Perfection is hideous?” I asked, amused.

    “Yeah. Wabi Sabi” she said and put her fingers through my hair, messing it up.

    I decided to not ask her what that meant. I just wanted be done with the date and go back home to my bed.

    “Let's sit and order something” I said but she shook her head and took my hand.

    We then drove 33kms South for a cup of tea and a plate of pav bhaji.

    “Why this place?” I asked as I tore a piece of the bread, dipped it in the bhaji and put it in my mouth.

    “My friend said that they make the worst pav bhaji here” she laughed and I spit out whatever was there in my mouth.

    “Then why did we come here?”

    “To see how bad it is” she laughed again and this time, I laughed too.

    The owner of the stall then brought us our chai and we talked a lot. She explained to me how bad our date would be if it went all perfect. I nodded in agreement. The psychopath was turning out to be a charming personality.

    I took her back to my apartment and snapped her neck and cradled her dead body in my arms. She was perfect and that was hideous.

    Wabi Sabi. Imperfection is beauty.