• yumkamdak 5w

    Zing of Love

    A man standing tall; few feets away,
    Stealing my eyes away from crowds.
    Reached into my chest and knocked my beating heart.
    I was not prepared for it from the start.
    In that fleeting moment our hearts thumped.
    The whoosh of sea with the fluttering heart.
    Called you mine from the start.
    Emotions got high and seas stormy.
    The stake I put; broken down.
    Bells clouded my ears, anchors cast.
    Found no way to back down,
    The level of depth it was reaching for, got my mind to have a start.
    Whispers heard with no faces,
    Question arose, a guilty smile spoke;
    Its just an infatuation, erase his thoughts.
    No happy endings, just a fairy tale.
    Will lead your life on the verge of death.
    Listen to me as I speak to you,
    I won't let anyone harm a soul of you.
    As I thought a way to stop.
    My eyes wandered around your soul.
    You left it open and spoke out loud.
    Let it go, for you can't control.
    A zing only happens once in your life.
    I bet your brains will feel as good as new,
    Soon if you start accepting me too.
    And when it reached a level of 10.
    For then I knew, I saw nothing but you.