• xxandata23 5w

    In despair

    You’ll never see me sprouting
    Each day, a tiny change I’m making
    One day, you’ll just see me there existing
    How lovely the silence of growing thing
    I am a plant,
    I can serve as an ornament,
    I nurture the soil and the atmosphere,
    I sustain life, provide you with food to eat and air to breathe,

    I can cure your infirmities, medicines are derivatives of mine,
    Just think about how you depend your everyday life on me
    But then, there you are being vicious towards me,
    Have I done anything to be deserving of your doings?
    You befoul me with crashes which can burn my soil.
    You take out my leaves which, not long enough, can spoil,
    You stamp all over me like I’ve harmed you,
    When all I’ve done was to satisfy your needs.

    No, I feel awful of how I look and smell.
    I feel useless, something one can just expel,
    I feel downcasted by your actions,
    I am despondent towards you,
    How many times has it been, I’ll never stop asking,
    Could you give me more attention and care?