• xranionox 10w

    If you do not wish to read something sexual, I suggest you don't read this peice of writing

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    Turn On

    Its a cold evening when I awake from a short nap. I'm wearing nothing but a hoodie and I have just noticed how cold I am. I walk into the living room and I see him, he's laying outstretched on the couch. I yawn sleepily and sit close to him. He looks at me blushing but not refusing my company. I take off my hoodie so I'm completely naked. I cuddle up to him, laying with him and undoing his pants. I pull them down and off and then I remove his underwear. He pulls his shirt off himself and pulls me up against him. I roll over on top of him. My tight little entrance drips onto his gorgeous hard tip. He kisses my tender breast, gently warming them. His hand is on my lower back and is soon holding my rear end. My face is turning a bright red as I blush completely embarrassed. He turns my face towards his and gives me a light peck on the cheek. My face widens with curiosity and then without warning his tip pushes into my little hole. My eyes close and my lips part to release a long soft moan. He kisses me again except this time its on the lips. His tongue wraps around mine as my body jerks slightly from him rocking his hips.