• fearsotherside 9w

    Sending Love, Strength & Warmth to the UK & to anyone that has been or is affected by Covid-19. I don't watch the news often. I check in maybe every 2 weeks. This shift has had me feeling as if I am detached. It's strange. Seeing the news did trigger me. I was also hesitant in triggering others. But feel we need to know the truth & face the truth of all things, especially what's happening on the world stage. There are truths still coming to light, we need to know, just not constantly focus on them. When sensitive It's about using discernment. If we are going through it personally, then yes stay away from news & even social media. Sometimes I feel the world stage helps me snap out of over doing the inner world stuff. I am at a point now where I feel all emotions are human emotions, they're all needed. I can't control anything but me. I do need to acknowledge & accept there's nasty shit going on. NOT TURN A BLIND EYE. Get to a point where it doesn't consume me though or get hung up on the might's or what if's, through acceptance. I know many of you have truely felt just how energy works & its possibilities. I see the earths grid, it needs more love & light circulation. We are all in this together. 500 died in 24 hours alone. When we feel any emotion we are still holding our light, having empathy & compassion. This is authenticity. Feeling is authentic, it is human. *My 3rd eye is popping right now, it's intense!* Open your heart, where ever you are, whatever your doing. We are both unique & part of a whole