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    Times and Troubles,
    The world of humanity trembles with its heart troubled,
    By the incursion of a loathsome plague,
    Uncertainty beclouds the minds of the learned,
    As the possibility for redemption wanes afar.

    Storm and Silence,
    The abode of humanity falls in abrupt silence,
    Not by the looming decorum of the night,
    But,by the ferocious roaring of our infamous enemy,
    Casting its shadowy figure to shade all glitters of hope.

    Quest and Questions,
    The activity of humanity succumbs to equivocal questions,
    As warnings of Corona Virus flood the air,
    Man takes refuge in the crevices of his sanctuary,
    For fear of a carrier wallowing in ignorance.

    Chance and Challenges,
    The existence of humanity faces immense challenges,
    As man's survival depends on his immunity,
    Science and technology begins to lose its touch,
    But,the world of our today refuses to bow in defeat.

    Dunes and Doubts,
    The safety of humanity suffers, scurrying with heaps of doubts,
    As the cycle of life balances evidently,
    The world of our today unfolds as a stage,
    With lessons of the ticking clock, to spell out to its remnants.
    -Michelle Abiona

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