• readerindeed 22w


    There will be days when you will be touched by some, which will be new to your skin and the breathes you will share might not feel the same or the cologne that will pass by your nostrils to your lungs and heart, may not be familiar and when you will stretch your lips ,which made your cheeks happy to smile like earlier ,may not feel the same emotions behind.
    The temporary peace which we kept searching after all ,faded away all the time at the end.
    But this ,this will become all what you wanted or needed no matter if it doesn’t have the same face.
    But that what will you become at last.
    And you will find it comforting somehow, cause it won’t go worst than that.
    Save yourself .
    For the better or not so better future.
    That’s all you will have at the end of the day or life.