• kaltuwrites 10w

    How to keep in touch with a foreign language you're Learning (even though you're far away)

    Finding it hard to pick it up from where you stopped?
    Well, worry no more!
    Here's a couple of tricks that can assist you with second language learning sojourn.

    1) Making friends:
    Meeting new people is a constant factor that is (almost) inevitable. As a Language expert, i often advise people to meet (with) other people that speak the language they are interested in because subconsciously they learn new words (lexicons) and concepts.

    2) Keeping in touch:
    Most secound language learners often complain about the difficulties that lie in learning a foreign language outside their country or far way.
    However, the gospel truth remains that they have to communicate with the friends they've made.

    3) Reading:
    Reading Novels, short stories,books of different types, magazines are good means through which one can keep in touch with the target language one is learning.

    4) Music:
    Listening to good country music composed by renown artists will go a long way to help in proper pronunciation of words and the production of correct phrases as well as sentences.

    5) Movies:
    Well, If you can't visit a cinema with your friends, I bet you can stream online on YouTube to watch movies or check on Netflix for latest movies of your choice

    6) Have fun:
    One of the most exciting part of learning a new language is having fun.
    Playing games like crosswords, scrabble, word cookies, word mania will help make the language learning process easy and fast