• _smriti_____ 50w

    The last saturday

    The sky was lit with something more than just stars.Excitement,hope ruled all hearts.The last working day;the last saturday.
    The office was called up early at 4 o'clock.Each group talked about their plans. Farewell,love were the most prominent greetings exchanged. I sitting at my favourite place watched smiling faces pass by. This was my husband's office.The place he had loved more than anything else. I stayed close to him by being in his shoes ; in his chamber.
    Loving all the things he loved.
    Probably it is love that is meant to be eternal. Bodies slacken even souls get apart; what continues forever is love. As solitude covered each way; I walked down the path of inner voices. I loved him. He was my forever. But he had his heart with her there in heaven; with the love of his life. Our love was meant to be a shade without colour. She owned him. However; that day a huge smile crowned my face. For the first time he addressed me as his wife. He asked me for something. His first wish. I felt blessed to be the most unlucky wife of this world that day. At least I was a good wife;isn't it? I fulfilled his dream;his eternal wish to be freed from the chains of world. It was the last saturday of 2017. The last morning with his body.My heart was filled with something more than remorse. The next year would call my hands red gloved.