• dauntlesssoul 6w


    Windy nights,starstruck lights
    Flying like a bird, spiralling in a stir
    In search of yet another magic spell to conquer his heart

    Gloom fades, lights up his eyes
    Presence of him is divine, endearing is his lies
    Pining for you every moment gazing at the clock
    Awaiting to deliver the gift in a paperback

    Thoughts submerge about his candid candour
    Imaging the glistening of his cheeks lustrously on your look at the present,
    It would be a feel on par with kingdom attainment

    Pleading you to let me take a jaunt in your life
    Dancing,hopping,bumping with pride
    Please consider my appeal and let me be next to you in your ride

    We will have our own anecdotes,inspired from those adages
    Let's stem a garden which we will have your own virtues of fruits & my shades of leaves

    There could be a point in this busy schedule that ,I would be jaded
    At times you might be befogged about it,showing exasperation
    I will be there,ablutioning your fears
    Abating your time on me
    Will cuddle you up again by uttering those 3 magical sentences on my knees

    "I respect you",
    "I crave you",
    "I trust you",would be my proposal.
    In this world of beautiful faces,I found a beautiful mind!
    That's you,my dear

    Sun shines,I wake up to post my notes of expressing my fascination to you
    Toiling out myself to sweltering heat
    I head out,
    Blushing, imagining I cross the street
    Finding that you too arrive at the spot to deliver a post on the name of mine☺️