• poetryinthoughts 5w

    I wanted to keep you in the darkness,
    Away from the world
    In a place that could not be touched,
    Where it was only our souls dancing
    To the rhythm of heartbeats
    And melodies made of dreams,
    I wanted to hold you close there,
    And never let the world
    Touch the magic in our veins
    Or the love in our eyes.
    Perhaps, it was only I being selfish
    And not wanting the world to see you,
    To know you as I have
    Because when you were no longer
    A part of the secrets we kept,
    And the world could reach you,
    It caused you pain
    That not even I could mend,
    And all I wanted was to be selfish again
    But you tiptoed your way into the light
    As if you belonged there
    I held your hand as long as I could
    Before letting go
    Perhaps I never realized that this world needs you.

    But so do I.