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    Not glorifying "In my city" phrase.

    They say my city has become cosmopolitan
    It's welcoming migrants, tourists, and invention.
    There are businessmen in my city
    And there is rich heritage in the old city.

    They say there are lakes and towers built large and high,
    And there's laughter mixed with the loudest cry.

    They all complaint that it's becoming hotter and mercury rises to 50
    And that the rubbish is on roads, old city business men are filthy.

    I still love it all.
    The metro, the heat, the rains, and the wall.

    What hurts me is there's not a single word for poor little lives on road!
    Do you know how they spend nights in the winter cold?

    Each day as the sun sets,
    The night breaks into two halves,

    The rich go to their homes and feel warm
    What do these street kids have other than the starry arm?

    They lay underneath the canopy of dim shining lights,
    Shiver the cold away until the next sun shines.

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    The night bursts into two halves,
    One sleeps comfortably warm;
    The other shivers under the starry arm.