• lowqee 22w

    The twisted transistor

    Youre a twisted transistor of torrent and pain youre that fucked up feeling that occurs in my brain Rotten and sour u complain and bitch on the hour fuck all your lies and fake emotionless crys, sucidal? bitch please, youre a snake fucking fake get down on your knees,
    You think u know misery and depression ive been through so much I shoulve given the lesson you think pills will help just blink and this mess will be clean understand YOU meant EVERYTHING to me all of mine was yours no charge just fucking free but blind as a bat and baffled by that you could not see, now i see you for what you are and youre no star more like some fucking disease with no cure to your unpure impractical needs no wonder you couldnt pass this test theres no plunder wben theres a demon tattoo on the chest funny i find from a friend you knew best that a hoe i know could go fuck and find rest, what a mess in your mind bitch you could travel through galaxies and never find your own kind fucked from the start you ate out your own heart took your soultore a hole to fill it with blackjust so you could be genuine wben saying ill never go back when we were supposed to be happy i was under attack making me hurt was work but you had a knack so now as u sit remenissing and missing the days i would call you my queen, i sit drinking and thinking how you could be so mean so to you i call out, sara dont pout cause i figured you out studied yojr game and the bullshit spit out of your mouth analyzed and concluded after being eluded that I refuse to take anymore because you are selcish and wicked all the way down to your core youre a sheep in the flock of meaningless whore