• jeelpatel 6w

    Homo Sapiens - 15.0

    (Let it be, let it go)

    Homo sapiens are repertoire of transcript of covertly analysed, videotaped circumstances and its reflections in outcomes or consequences for their own empirical life of experiences and experiments on the base of individualisation. They are overtly stated judicious protocol of human policy for their own survival just below the sharp jaw line after hanging under the pressure of same chewing pattern to bear ever changing taste inside their mouth of cosmic stars. Just by following structuralism of their bones and flashes outsiders or even their colleague humans can never get interpretation of the flow of excellence inside their rusty cobwebs like hairs, and the prodigy hidden in their curves and postures of Pollyanna. Since our ancestors of meaningful lyrics in their life songs till latter day of romantic melodies our evolution has been based on one of the major factor, which is the way we live, the way we choose to live, and that “way”, no one can steal from your chest bone, no matter days pass by under the neurology of holocaust or beyond the horizon of psychological shades of happiness. 

    Sometimes, in the alleys of blue moon or midst the woods of wrecked vehemence because of their unconsciousness they show outrageous extravagance of time after matter of temporary gratification, after attributions which fade like atoms of aerosols at the end, after dreamland of illusions. This is the time when homo sapiens get hijacked by dopamine (for happiness) or serotonin (for depression when its inadequate) depends upon their arousal during the specific event, but for sure in that particular short time impulses they pierce through and role they play leave powerful impact on homo sapiens’ somatic or psychic behaviours, decisions they make in that time, or the way they response, react any external stimuli. No matter they are under the influence of hormone of happiness or stress. Not just homo sapiens get caught up in emotions or thoughts or biological factors according it, time and gain they get hijacked by known or unknown, predictable or unpredictable traps, situations, somatic marker especially negative ones, fears and phobias, more further hijacked by other humans which ain’t supposed to be right or wrong person in their life rather an event meant to be happen for self-expansion, self-efficacy, self-betterment, so they can understand bombings between brain wires in more better way, they can differentiate definition of transparency human to human, they can learn how to construct bridge of patience on the kinetic pillars. So, in time we learn any person isn’t right or wrong nor any day is good or bad, it’s just they all are happening as electorate voting for your development as a homo sapiens.

    These days, homo sapiens have become more of separatists and less of humanity for each other, in each other’s life by saying this soothing stratagem – “be yourself”, “do whatever you want to do” etc. to our loved ones, because our moistened saliva make these heavy words sound good to others’ ear-tunnels but actually we have to understand how our statement has a modicum of real or meaningful intentions for their growth or they’re just bold echoes, cause let someone be their own self or to be own self isn’t about giving or feeling wind flames of freedom to others or to own self or chrysalis of protection that they feel that someone is there to accept them the way they are. I, as a human believe one should be own self as our genesis of homo sapiens, with inborn aptitude or rigid nature (as one’s nature you can’t change mostly) but one should not be alexithymic or ignorant for weak points they have got, bad sides they have, abnormal temptations neural circuits of their brain possess, bad habits or constant mistakes they build because of the way we are, by being “own self”. if our life can be better by modifying ourselves, by working on our weakness, by learning the way we act or react to our life’s situations, people and feel content, peaceful, satisfied from within one should not hesitate for not being own self, it’s not drastic changes you should do and feel detached from your own self rather you should do for the self-development, for self-renovation in a beautiful way. In addition, don’t do whatever you want to do every time, sometimes it’s needed to observe beforehand what we are going to do, how much boundaries we are going to cross, how much time or efforts we are giving into something cause doing all of these after nothingness, total uncertainty isn’t right way to live. So do by doing what, your life can improve in itself, your experiences (good or bad) become vast but don’t be prone to bad experiences cause even after examine own actions helplessly one can get failed, broken, hurt no matter economically, financially, emotionally, physiologically or in any aspect but at least chances are less to get failed or to regret for being blind or careless and not conscious. 

    life and death of homo sapiens is not about splicing two lengths of magnetic taps or photographic films to make a chime to cease this constant breath and beat. Life is about being bystander for its shades till no shade left to exist, doing motor mimicry of very second’s expression till cheekbones turn into ashes, writing poetries for, how to let it be in synchrony with how to let it go. To see how we evolve under our heels, become unflappable, unflustered by being through folds of crisis and crimson flowers.