• wiccanwolf 5w


    They say if something isn't broken don't fix it
    I may not look broken on the outside
    Yet on the inside my heart is shattered into a million pieces
    Sharp fragments of the girl I used to be cover the ground
    Reaching for a rope I will never grasp
    Holding onto someone who doesn't exist anymore
    I finally let go
    Let go of my innocence
    Let go of my adolescents
    Let go of my dreams
    I awake in the real world
    A place covered in shit and vermen
    A place where all that is beautiful dies
    A place where hypocracy rules like an angry god
    Humans took what they were given and smashed it like a spoiled and ungrateful child
    I see the world for what it is
    Chaotic, polluted, and evil
    If the world isn't broken don't fix it
    Stop and think
    The world is more broken than it's inhabitants