• soupism 5w


    The name Jagannath invokes many things. Once of all the feeling of calmness magnaminty and a sea shore. It has been my place of tranquil at my deepest moments of sadness. For anybody who has seen his idol. Its different. But today i heard an interpretation of it like never before at most unexpected place.

    Jagannath is devoid of symbolism and religion. He is where every avatar converges. The symbolism is an apt representation of infinity. Black colour of his skin represents all.possible energies absorbed into one. The artist couldnt give the statue of the parambrahm a pair of legs cause with his al logical sense he couldn't find an end or a beginning. The arms cutting through multiple galaxies and universes. His smile the entire milky way. His eyes the naksatras. And all of this embeded in his vast blackness. As he stands as thr centre of this cosmic plane.

    For all this while the parable described him as static. But he is the universe uniform and growing in all directions. Sometimes praying opens up many possibilites. Some times it lets you understand why when we close our eyes we enter a dark dark view. Its because we are a part of the blackness. The maya when stops dancing around us we enter this vast blackness and become a part of the bkackness of lord supreme lord jagannath.