• bismanazir 27w

    The night you held my hands
    In yearning ones of your own,
    It just felt so right
    To this feeble flesh
    Which they call my heart
    And the moment revealed
    The dazzling galaxies
    For me to gaze
    With you by my side
    Then, slowly,as you drew nearer
    The world blurred in my sight
    Leaving no image but yours
    And as you began to make vows
    Of our eternal union
    It all started making sense
    And all at once
    The miseries and the sighs
    The tears and the cries
    And the things, my tough time brought
    Got wiped out from the book of my life
    And yet again
    It all got pristine
    For you, my love
    To engrave on it
    The tales of our bond
    Unseen to the eyes
    Unheard to the ears
    I saw you pouring warmth
    In the frozen heart of mine
    I was breathing so far
    Yet you brought me to life
    It just felt so right
    As my lord did answer
    My patience that night
    Setting me free
    From the cage of miseries
    You turned to be the light
    You led me to the light
    Love is a bliss
    When turns to be true!
    But surely a worship
    When it's with you!

    Irresistibly in love with you! #mysoulmate ��♥️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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